Avaiable on Steam for PC/MacOS/Linux
November 23rd, 2020.
Chronicle: Unit Eight is an arcade bullethell roguelike with a sliver of RPG thrown into the mix. Mixing the combat and game feel of vertical shooter games like "Raiden" and "Ikaruga" with the roguelite progression style of "Rogue Legacy". Chronicle gives that old school space shooting genre a new flavor of life. Dodge, fire bullets, and increase in strength by finding powerups or modifications on each fun. Collect Scraps that fall off of enemy ships to use to upgrade your ship for future runs. Discover many secrets and defeat the space pirate boss that you were originally hired to destroy.

Chronicle is a mercenary-for-hire organization. They have dispatched one mercenary, (codenamed Atlas,) and her ship, Unit Eight to sabotage and destroy a secret weapon that a space pirate group has created to destroy planets.

Discover new weapon combos, defensive maneuvers, abilities, bombs, and unlocks to help manifest the perfect run.

After every run, explore the vast perk tree and upgrade your ship through modifications, weapons, weapon unlocks, defensive maneuvers and more!

Can you defeat the space pirate organization and destroy the secret weapon before all the planets that we know are eliminated for good?
A lethargic but talented bounty hunter, Atlas is a weather veteran in the Cronicle mercenary division. Going by the alias of unit eight, or simply eight, Atlas has completed a record number of missions despite her age. As a result she has become generally unimpressed by most things. She is constantly seeking the thrills she once had as a novice hunter.

Her latest job has lead her into an obscure pocket of space to take down an infamous rogue known as Zelos, the space pirate of galaxy 9.
Although smart and talented, 27 is both mousy and lacking of backbone. She has overseen a number of missions, none more notable than Atlas'. 27 can easily be considered a pushover and will often fail to prevent Atlas from performing tasks that are outside of protocol. This will often get 27 in trouble with her superiors.
A classic, greedy space pirate. Zelos really has no rhyme or reason for anything other than amusement. In this way he may even be considered similar to Atlas. He is a thrill seeker. Zelos has scoured Galaxy 9, taking whatever he wants. Now, to gain more notoriety, he has begun to build a weapon that could very well bring civilizations to their knees.
Logan is unreasonably loyal to Zelos. He was once a captain himself but during a raid his fleet was wiped out. He was consequently "saved" by Zelos who just happened to feel like raiding the same target. As a result Zelos feels he owes a debt to Zelos and eventually becomes his second hand.
Bobiscusantos (Bob)
Bob cares about nothing but money. He is a simple man of simple needs. In fact he doesn't even want to spend the money. He just wants to have it. Bob is pretty slow and dimwitted but he's incredibly resilient. Getting this guy to give up is pretty much impossible (unless you're willing to pay a higher price than the competition of course)
Fionne is nothing short of insane. She is a skilled engineer for Zelos but is also incredibly unpredictable. If someone disturbs her work she may even attack them like a rabid dog. She couldn't care less about the space pirates she's a part of as long as she gets her pick of scraps left behind in Zelos' wake. All she cares about is her experiments. She'll build whatever fancies her at the time, whether it be weapons, a cross-dimensional teleporter or a robotic puppy.